• Return products must be in good condition with price tag on and with the receipt. It should not be use.
    • Return for exchange condition
      1. ADORE delivery worng product to customer
      2. Customer request to change color or change model - In this case customer must be responsible for all shipping costs. 
      3. Customer receive defective product from ADORE (1 Year warranty for Manufacturing defected).  In case a. and c ,we will be responsible for the shipping costs. By paying the return to the customer later. 

*The Shipping cost responsibility will apply  in Thailand only.

* The other contries,customer must responsible for shipping cost by yourself.

*For ""b."" condition not allow to exchange for international order.

  • Customers can not cancel or exchange their order during delivery.
  • For Prorduts have disounted more than 15%, it's not accetable to return/exhange.(except condition a.)
  • Products can be returned and exchanged no longer than 7 day after recieving date.
  • Once we have received the return product and passed the inspection ,we will deliver new product to customers within 3 - 7 days from the date that we notified the results of the request
  • Returns can not be redeemed for cash except, You can choose as conditon below
        1. Receiving the new one. (Case a. and b. only, If we don't have the same product and same color. We will refund the full amount within 15 days.)
        2. Changing the color or model
    If customer require to change the model. It can be change with same model or higher price and pay the difference.


  1. Please send an email to with the details below
    • Name ,return address, phone number, receipt number , reason for retune/exchange and Bank account for reimbursement the shipping cost.
  2. Customers need to wait for the approval from us before retuning.
  3. Customers must use the original packaging box and put our receipt inside. For sender and receiver info, please use the label that we provided
  4. If the inspected resulted is accept for exchange. We will deliver new products to customers within 3 - 7 days from the date that we notified the results.
Return address :

Adore Studio
3/28 Srinakarindra 46/1 Srinakarin Rd. Nongbon Prawet Bangkok Thailand 10250
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